Trenton has rainfall for 14 straight days during the month of May, 2021

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It was a somewhat complicated weather story in the month of May. Trenton officially had measurable rainfall on 17 of the 31 days including 14 straight days from May 15th through May 28.

The amount of precipitation on several of those dates was very little or relatively small. As a result, rainfall for the entire month in Trenton totaled 4.45 inches, which is 1.07 inches below normal for the month.

During the 14 day streak with measurable rainfall at the government reporting station at the water plant in west Trenton, there was just one-hundredth (.01)of an inch in the 24 hour period ending at 7 o’clock the morning of May 24th, and just two-hundredths during the 24-hour period ending at 7 the morning of May 16th.

KTTN, in downtown Trenton, did not have any measurable rainfall on either of those two dates, so the longest streak of measurable rainfall at KTTN was seven dates from May 17th through May 23rd.

During the 14 day period when Trenton officially had measurable rainfall, the precipitation totaled three-point-two inches. Trenton finished May with a yearly precipitation deficit of 1.49 inches.

Temperatures during May in Trenton were below normal for highs but above normal for lows. Lows averaged 54.6 degrees, which is one degree above normal. Highs averaged 69.5 degrees, which is five degrees below normal. The 69.5 degrees this May ties last year as the coolest May in Trenton since 1995. Highs averaged 68.4 degrees in May of 1995.

Official high temperatures this May in Trenton reached the 80s on just four dates, with the warmest 86 degrees on May 26. The coolest May temperature was 37 on May 13th. The only other low in the 30s last month in Trenton was 39 on May 10th.

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, entering May, had no clear indicators on how this area might fare regarding temperatures and precipitation for the month of May. So we were given equal chances of above, below, or Near normal.

The same thing happened entering June. There are equal chances of above, below, or near-normal temperatures and rainfall in our area for the month of June 2021.

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