Trenton Fire Department seeks donations for fire safety education

Trenton Fire Department News Photo
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The Trenton Fire Department is accepting monetary donations to purchase fire safety materials and information for school children.

The information covers smoke alarms, home escape plans, cooking safety, and the “stop, drop, and roll” technique. “Stop, drop, and roll” means to stop if your clothes catch on fire, drop to the floor in a prone position, cover your face with your hands, and roll over repeatedly to smother the fire.

Donations can be made to the National Fire Safety Council, a federal tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Proceeds are designated for use in the local community.

The fire department has mailed requests suggesting an $80 donation, which will supply fire safety information for 20 children. Businesses that donate will be listed as contributing supporters in the fire safety school manuals.

For more information, contact Trenton Fire Chief Brandon Gibler.

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