Trenton Fire Chief provides guide to open burning for residents

Open Burn Pile

Trenton Fire Chief Brandon Gibler has provided a quick guide for open burning within the city limits of Trenton.  The information for the guide comes from the Trenton city ordinance and the International Fire Code.

The guide says burning in the City of Trenton is limited to organic products, such as yard waste, leaves, and tree limbs. It is unlawful to burn on any sidewalk, street, or alley.

Open burning must be at least 50 feet from any structure, and provisions must be taken to prevent the fire from spreading to within 50 feet of any structure. The guide notes the minimum required distance from a structure can be 25 feet as long as the pile is no larger than three feet in diameter and two feet in height.

Fires in approved containers have a minimum required distance of 15 feet from a structure. Open burning, bonfires, and recreation fires, as well as portable outdoor fireplaces, must be attended until the fire is extinguished, and on-site fire extinguishing equipment must be available.

Fire extinguishing equipment can include a garden hose, a portable fire extinguisher with a minimum 4-A rating, dirt, sand, a water barrel, or a water truck.

While this guide is specific to residents of Trenton, they are good guidelines for residents of any community.  Residents of other communities need to consult their local city ordinances for rules and guidelines for open burning.