Trenton Finance Committee to recommend purchase of reverse 911 system

City of Trenton Website

The Trenton Finance Committee voted Thursday evening to recommend to the Trenton City Council the purchase of a reverse 911 public notification system as well as an increase in pay for city employees.

City Administrator Ron Urton reports Grundy County, the health department, Trenton, and Trenton Municipal Utilities would split the $5,000 annual fee for the Everbridge reverse 911 system if the city council approves its purchase. He says the county and the health department would pay $1,600 each, and the city and TMU would split the remaining $1,800 50/50. The Grundy County Local Emergency Planning Committee agreed to pay the one-time $400 installation fee.

Urton explains that the reverse 911 system would call residential and business landline phones in the county to warn about things like severe weather, boil orders, and street work. He says the person in charge of sending a warning message could specify a specific area to receive the message. Individuals with cell phones could opt in to receive warnings by call or text message.

Urton reports the finance committee reviewed Trenton’s 2018-2019 budget. As a result, it is recommending a 50 cents per hour raise for all city employees. Urton says the committee also discussed funding scenarios for purchasing a new asphalt plant with no action taken.

The finance committee will meet Wednesday evening at 6 o’clock to review the TMU budget.