Trenton Farms CAFO: Petition for review filed in Grundy County circuit court

Court Gavel and Scales

What’s called a petition for judicial review has been filed in Grundy County Circuit Court by Trenton Farms RE LLC.

Named as defendants was the Missouri Clean Water Commision of Jefferson City.

At a February 17th hearing, the Clean Water Commission voted four to two to overturn a DNR issued CAFO permit to Trenton Farms. As noted at the time, that decision was subject to an appeal to the courts.

An online entry shows Judge Steve Hudson has been assigned the case.

No date was set regarding the case filed with Division One of the circuit court.

Trenton Farms seeks a court order to vacate and set aside the decision rendered by the Clean Water Commission. Trenton Farms requests a court order finding the Missouri department of natural resources met its burden of proving that the permit was in accordance with Missouri law.

The plaintiff further asks for an order remanding the matter to the Clean Water Commission with a request to approve the state permit.

Trenton Farms is asking to be paid a reasonable sum for attorney fees and expenses incurred.

Jefferson City attorney Robert Brundage, on behalf of Trenton Farms whose corporate office is in Pipestone, Minnesota filed the legal action on Friday in Grundy County.

Trenton Farms has proposed a six thousand head swine CAFO in southwest Grundy county which has been opposed, in part, by an organization, Hickory Neighbors United.

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