Trenton experiences warmest February since 1980

February 2024 Weather Monthly Recap graphic Version 2
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Combined high temperatures in February in Trenton were the warmest in KTTN records dating back to 1980.

Combined low temperatures last month in Trenton were the sixth warmest during that same 45-year period.

Combined high temperatures in February in Trenton averaged 55.5 degrees, while combined lows averaged 31.2 degrees.

The combined high temperatures were 15.2 degrees above normal, while the combined low temperatures were 8.7 degrees above normal.

There were three record-high temperatures established in February in Trenton, and another record-high was tied. The daily record highs were 77 degrees on February 26, 75 degrees the following day on February 27, and 72 degrees on February 21. A record high temperature was tied on February 1 in Trenton when the temperature hit 61 degrees.

The coldest low temperatures in February in Trenton were eight degrees on February 17 and 12 degrees on the morning of February 28. It was 20 degrees on February 12.

Moisture during February was just 0.18 inches at the water plant in western Trenton, where measurements are taken for the National Weather Service. That’s 1.25 inches below normal for February.

Despite the below-normal moisture in February, the yearly precipitation in Trenton remained above average by 0.18 inches. The yearly total, through February, was 2.46 inches.

Snowfall last month was just 0.25 inches at the water plant in Trenton, which is nearly 5.4 inches below normal.

Snowfall for the season in Trenton is 16.2 inches, which is nearly one inch below normal.

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, entering last month, said above-normal temperatures were strongly favored in our area for February. That turned out to be accurate. Equal chances were given for above, below, or near-normal precipitation in February in our area. We had below-normal moisture. The outlook for March says temperatures and precipitation both are slightly to moderately favored to be above normal in our area.

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