Trenton Downtown Improvement Association selected to participate in grant program

Trenton Downtown Improvement Association (TDIA)

The Trenton Downtown Improvement Association has been selected to participate in a cost-sharing affiliate grant that provides training, mentoring, and technical services to revitalization programs in Missouri’s historic commercial districts.

Missouri Main Street staff will visit with Trenton downtown community members to evaluate existing and future needs and schedule customized training and mentoring sessions to equip them to concentrate on their revitalization goals.

The Missouri Main Street Connection, Incorporated provides the grant with a goal to develop a sustainable, volunteer-based organization that will carry out an economic development program based on the preservation of historic assets in the downtown using the Main Street Four-Point Approach to Revitalization. The Missouri Main Street Connection website says the four-point approach includes organization, economic restructuring, design, and promotion.

With support from Main Street, the Trenton revitalization group anticipates building on previous revitalization efforts to motivate economic development, utilizing a volunteer base and partnerships to accomplish the organization’s goals, and showcasing the community’s architecture and history to attract residents and visitors.

Main Street will provide Trenton with training and mentoring in the next two years to establish a revitalization organization to engage the community as a participant and beneficiary. The affiliate grant is a 40/60 match, which requires the community to contribute 40% of the cash value of the services. The total value of the grant training and mentoring services is $24,000.