Trenton Domestic Violence Surcharge Board votes to distribute funds

Domestic Violence

The city of Trenton’s Domestic Violence Surcharge Board has voted to distribute funds to the Green Hills Women’s Shelter on January 1st and July 1st.

The women’s shelter was the only applicant for the money.

The Trenton City Council, in August of last year, approved an ordinance establishing a $4.00 surcharge on municipal court fees when the defendant is found guilty or pleads guilty. The ordinance requires the money to go for operating expenses at a local domestic shelter.

Trenton City Clerk Cindy Simpson said there currently is $588 available with the money distributed January 1st to be the first allocation.

The Domestic Violence Surcharge Board is comprised of Don Warren, John McCullough, Patty Quilty, Barb Hawkins, Fred Zeiger, and liaison city council member Jennifer Hottes.