Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau to prepare a request for proposal on photography

Trenton Convention and visitors bureau

The Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau on January 12th voted to have a request for proposals for photography to start as soon as possible for a website gallery. Bureau Member Jordan Ferguson will work on the RFP for review.

The vote was taken after a discussion on the hiring of a photographer to fill missing photos to complete the website gallery as well as for a variety of business, event, and landscape pictures of the community throughout the year.

Marketing company Johnny Lightning Strikes Again provided an update on the website draft. Branding was previously discussed, and adjustments were made and added to the website. The marketing company explained the home page, destination tabs, and overall layout.  The Convention and Visitors Bureau requested a contact submission form be added and listings to be in alphabetical order.  Blog duties were discussed. At least 12 blog posts per year are anticipated for the website and social media.

A second non-compliance letter was sent to lodging facilities in December. A list was updated of payments received to date. The next round of taxes is due January 15th.

There was a discussion on checking with other communities on their guidelines and regulations for collecting tax and non-compliance. The matter was tabled until next month.

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