Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau to investigate how other organizations operate; establish policies and procedures

Trenton Convention and visitors bureau

The Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau continued discussion on April 14th of how the organization will operate. The group agreed that it needed policies and procedures in addition to the ordinance.

Group members are to check with other convention and visitors bureaus for reference as drafting begins. The policies and procedures will be shared with the city council.

The organization heard a branding committee report. Legal advice provided included approaching a request for proposals as a procedure for professional services. That would be with public posting and emailing the RFP to interested parties as well as creating a roster for future reference. A RFP would be for digital marketing.

The convention and visitors bureau agreed to make the due date July 1st with a tentative starting date of August 1st.

Group members are to email President Cara McClellan any contacts for interested parties by April 21st.

The group also discussed an email address. It cannot use a city email address, as there is not a city employee to tie it to.

Another option would be to visit with City Clerk Cindy Simpson to see if she would affiliate her city email address with the group temporarily. That would include sending an RFP with a drafted memo to interested contacts and filter emails to the group as needed.

Once branding is complete, the convention and visitors bureau will set up a separate email address for current and future use within the budget. Other alternatives are to be discussed at the next meeting.