Trenton Codes Enforcement Officer reports on activities

Trenton City Code Enforcement News Graphic
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Wes Barone, the Trenton Codes Enforcement Officer, reports that Lawhon Construction and its subcontractors are currently in the process of obtaining permits and licenses from the city. This step is necessary to commence the construction of a student center for North Central Missouri College.

The sports facility at North Central Missouri College was granted a temporary occupancy permit, allowing the use of the practice area.

Progress is ongoing for the Dollar General Market on 28th Street and the Animal Kingdom Vet Clinic, with both projects advancing as planned. The Taco Bell project is also moving forward, with demolition and grading activities already permitted and initiated.

Preferred Family Healthcare has submitted plans for a new construction project. According to Barone, this project is currently in the stages of plan review and pre-permitting.

Perkins Dozing has undertaken several house demolition projects. The company has completed demolition at the following addresses: 813 West 12th Street, 835 West 13th Court, 1703 East Second Street, 403 Jefferson Street, 1017 East 13th Court, 704 East 17th Street, 405 West 13th Street, and 403 East Ninth Street.

Legal proceedings are underway for two properties.

The Trenton Municipal Airport currently hosts twelve airplanes. Recently, there has been an increased interest in hangar space, as noted by Barone.

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