Trenton City Council will have full agenda at meeting tonight

Trenton, Missouri

The Trenton City Council at its meeting tonight will be asked to make a decision on whether to schedule a public vote on a sales tax proposal.

An ordinance prepared for council consideration specifies three eights of a one percent sales tax for transportation purposes. Three other ordinances also on the agenda for the Monday night meeting. More on them in a moment.

City officials, including members of the council finance committee, have held discussions on raising local money to complete the financing package for replacement of the 17th Street bridge. Other street needs have also been mentioned and will likely become a promotional part of any sales tax campaign.

The ordinance specifies the sales tax vote for the April 4th election within the city of Trenton. City Clerk Cindy Simpson said the ordinance as it’s written would limit the collection of a three-eighths sales tax to a ten year period – meaning it “sunsets” after ten years unless it’s brought up for another public vote then.

Based on revenues the city receives from other local sales taxes, Mrs. Simpson estimated a three-eights percent sales tax would generate $300,000 – again with the funds earmarked for transportation purposes.

Three-eighths of one percent is point oh three seven five. (.0375) Trenton has city taxes that currently add up to two and one-quarter percent. (2.25) Adding point oh three seven five would raise that total to two point six two five (2.625) Other sales taxes for the city of Trenton are one percent for the general fund one-half of a percent for both capital projects and the parks plus last years’ approval of a one-quarter of a percent for fire department purposes.

Sales taxes require a simple majority to carry. The public vote sales tax issue before the city council must be decided Monday night as Tuesday is the state-mandated deadline to submit issues to the county clerk if they are to be on

the April 4th ballot.

As suggested at a council meeting two weeks, an ordinance will be reviewed Monday night that prohibits horses and their riders, as well as horse and buggies,

from using a portion of Harris Avenue. The specified ban involves Harris from East 13th Court to 17th Street. This was seen as an alternative by the council and members of the Amish and German Baptist communities to having horses out fitted with manure bags while in Trenton. The portion of Harris Avenue is in front of the ConAgra plant which officials believe is being considered by others potentially interested in the business location.

There’s also a proposal to amend the ordinance on debris on property – failure to remove a nuisance. It pertains to weeds, high grass, or other vegetation regarding public health, welfare, and safety as identified in city code.

Another ordinance was prompted by research done by the attorney for the city of Trenton. In accordance with state law involving municipal courts, the ordinance would amend a section of the municipal courts ordinance to remove an option for a judge to sentence a defendant to jail time if he or she has not, or can not, pay a fine or court costs.

Other topics for the city council include a resolution to appoint a director and alternate to the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission. Discussion also is listed of the sludge truck for the waste water plant at Trenton.

Prior to the council meeting, members of the Trenton building and nuisance board meet at 6 o’clock at City Hall. Specific addresses listed for the agenda include 1310 East 8th Street; 1719 Oak; 817 East 19th street; and 2323 Webster, Updates also are to given on the demolition program, current structures of concern and nuisances.

Meeting of the city councils’ finance committee is Tuesday at 5:30 with discussion on operating budget of the city and TMU.