Trenton City Council to write letter to MoDOT expressing need for resurfacing of 9th Street

City of Trenton Website

Three ordinances were routinely approved at last nights’ meeting of the Trenton City Council.

The council requested a letter be written to the Missouri Department of Transportation emphasizing a need to have Highway 6 resurfaced through Trenton next year. All votes were unanimous among six councilmen present.

One ordinance amends the schedule of fees to set an annual $50.00 fee for the inspection by February 15th of bed and breakfast establishments.

Two ordinances formally approved the previous bids from Norris Quarries to provide sand and rock aggregate for use by the Trenton street department. The city plans to purchase 5,000-plus tons of sand at $8.25 per ton. The city will purchase 10,000 plus tons of rock aggregate at a rate of $16.50 per ton.

The Highway and Transportation Commission this fall rejected its only bid to resurface 9th Street due to that quote exceeding the engineers’ estimate. Councilman Glen Briggs expressed his belief that if bids are not sought until March, 9th Street may not get resurfaced in 2020.

Briggs, along with five other council members present, agreed to have City Administrator Ron Urton write to MoDOT asking to have the street resurfacing sooner than later while expressing concerns regarding the condition of the driving surface. Absent were Councilmen Danny Brewer and Brad Chumbley.

City Clerk Cindy Simpson announced a $9,022 dividend has been received from the city employee health insurance provider in 2016, Blue Ridge Captive Solutions. Funds are to be split between TMU and the city. There’s no council meeting on December 23rd.