Trenton City Council to seek “Request for Proposal” regarding airport hangar

City of Trenton Website

The Trenton City Council, following an executive session last evening, agreed to rescind a previous vote on renting the airport hangar and will seek proposals from the public.

At the April 23rd executive session on real estate, the council had authorized the city attorney to develop an agreement with Clay Anderson of Anderson Aviation to rent the south end of the large hangar building at the airport. He would be operating an airplane mechanics type of business.

Council members Travis Elbert and Jen Hottes-Urich, late last week, called for a special council meeting regarding real estate which was the topic last night.

City Administrator Ron Urton said the eight members of the council unanimously voted to prepare a document, called “request for proposals,” (RFP) in an effort to learn interest in renting the airport hangar. Urton said once prepared, he expects the request for proposals to be advertised for about a month. Then the proposals will be evaluated by city officials with the council making the ultimate decision regarding rental of the hangar.

LifeFlight Eagle was the most recent tenant at the Trenton airport until they moved their medical helicopter base, last year, to Chillicothe’s airport.