Trenton City Council to review TMU employee wage recommendation

Trenton City Council Meeting News Graphic
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Trenton Municipal Utilities Director Ron Urton has announced that a recommendation will be sent to the City Council concerning employee wages in the TMU Water and Sewer Distribution Department. The Finance Committee, consisting of John Dolan, Duane Urich, Calvin Brown, and Lou Fisher, unanimously agreed on this decision during their Wednesday afternoon meeting. Present at the meeting were also the Mayor, the city clerk, and representatives from both the Underground and Sewer Departments.

The Committee has proposed a starting wage of $18.57 per hour for Underground Department employees. For those already earning above this rate, an increase of $1.83 per hour is suggested.

Urton also highlighted that the Finance Committee has clarified the existing policy regarding commercial driver’s licenses. New employees will receive an additional 50 cents per hour upon obtaining the appropriate license. Furthermore, obtaining a DS2 license will result in an extra $1.35 per hour, and a DS3 license will lead to another $1.35 hourly increase.

Last month’s report to the City Council revealed that the department is managed by a supervisor and a foreman, supported by a team of five utility workers.

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