Trenton City Council to hold special meeting at 5 pm today

Trenton City Council Meeting News Graphic
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The Trenton City Council has announced a special meeting to be held at City Hall on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. The meeting, which was previously scheduled for January 8, has been postponed and will address various agenda items, including amendments to the city’s Unified Development Ordinance and proposals for legal services.

The council meeting will be open to the public and available for remote participation through Zoom at The agenda includes the Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer, a call to order, and discussions on the minutes from December 11 and 19, 2023.

Key items on the agenda are three bills. Bill No. 1 proposes amendments to the “Definitions” section of the Unified Development Ordinance. Bill No. 2 involves the approval of legal services agreements for City Attorney and City Prosecutor services with Murphy, Kinney & Sumy. Bill No. 3 discusses the approval of a proposal with Double Check Company, LLC for the installation of a Fuel Master credit card reading system.

Additionally, the council will address unfinished business regarding water/sewer distribution department wages and new business concerning the approval of a billing insert policy.

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