Trenton City Council prepares to request bids for new 17th Street Bridge

City of Trenton Website

The Trenton City Council Monday night took what officials say is the final step regarding legal documents before requesting bids on the new 17th Street Bridge.

An ordinance was approved on a contract between the city of Trenton and the Union Pacific Railroad Company which is one of the funding sources for the bridge. Part of the agreement has the city of Trenton paying Union Pacific $162,000 for plan review and inspection as well as railroad flagging during 100 days of construction.

Union Pacific makes a lump sum payment of $625,000 to Trenton and another $95,000 is the railroad’s expense for the city to close the public road crossing, removing approaches and barricades on nearby Mable Street. Building demolition is underway on East 17th.

The city council approved a series of ordinances with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission leading to the eventual resurfacing of East 9th Street through Trenton beginning next spring. One ordinance specifies curb to curb paving, new sidewalks, ADA ramps, and a city of Trenton requested project involving the replacement of water mains under sidewalks along 9th Street.

Resurfacing is to be done from 4th street to near the Muddy Creek Bridge. The total cost for construction is estimated by MoDOT engineers at $1,770,000. The city of Trenton portion is $312,155 to be paid into the state road fund.

Two other ordinances approved by the council will allow MoDOT to relinquish portions of Princeton Road and Oklahoma Avenue, allowing the city to take over the ownership.

The portion of Princeton Road, which the state identifies as Route AA, is from 20th Street to just west of Casey’s drive. The other portion which the city will acquire from MoDOT is on what the state calls Business 65 – the south end of Oklahoma Avenue, in the vicinity of 10th Street; but not until that area is resurfaced by MoDOT’s contractor next year. Once deeded, the city assumes maintenance on both.

The city council voted 5 to 2 in approving a maintenance agreement for a portion of Highway 6. The document describes the right of way maintenance work MoDOT will do along the driving portion of East 9th Street from 4th Street to just west of Oklahoma Avenue. Voting no were Councilmen Glen Briggs and Lou Fisher.

Regarding an item involving Trenton Municipal Utilities, three bids were submitted from companies willing to conduct tests on exhaust emissions from diesel generators. These involve reciprocating internal combustion engines.

The council accepted the low bid of $19,850 from Power Plant compliance. This expense, along with the purchase of catalytic converters which are on order, is expected

to be under $60,000. The testing is required by the EPA every five years. The other bids for testing air quality at the power plant topped $31,000 and $46,000.