Trenton City Council meets Tuesday evening with full agenda

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Ordinances were adopted and bids accepted last night by Trenton City Council.

Some of the ordinances resulted from previous city council actions, however, one other proposed ordinances got defeated after the council and the Mayor heard complaints.

Danny Stephens of Trenton received formal approval to pay $325 per month for a one year period to rent a large hangar at the Trenton airport. The ordinance passed seven to one with councilman Lou Fisher voting no.

The council will allow Customized Environmental Solutions of West Des Moines to removal, transport, and dispose of lime sludge at the water treatment facility.

American Fire Training Systems of Lockport, Illinois was approved to provide a five-level, 1,700 square foot modular fire training tower. The purchase price is nearly $723,000.

Two companies submitted quotes on financing the project. BTC Bank of Trenton and Community Leasing Partners of Manhatten, Kansas. The council decided to go with Community Leasing Partners – a division of the Community First National Bank. The company proposed a fixed interest rate for 20-years, BTC with Tom Witten proposed after seven years of a fixed rate, the interest would become variable.

City officials will now confer with Community Leasing Partners to obtain the best deal on terms and conditions. Fire Chief Brandon Gibler said he’s looking for the city to borrow $1,300,000 to cover the purchase of the tower plus development of an 11-acre site near the fire station. Payments will come from the fire department sales tax revenue.

Independent Electric Machinery Company of Kansas City was approved for appraisal testing of breakers and relays on generators at the TMU substation at a cost of $10,735.

Approval was given to an ordinance accepting for public use, 32.7 feet of Riverside Drive and its cul-de-sac in the south part of Trenton.

There was considerable discussion on a proposed ordinance that would have amended building permits and regulations regarding mobile homes. After hearing from owners of a mobile home park, all eight members of the council voted against the ordinance.

The council accepted the only bid for crane services needed for construction of the new asphalt plant. The bid comes from Dille Crane Service of Macon at $2,500 for each of two cranes used for the first eight-hour day then a much lower amount for the second day and beyond. A bid on truck scales to weigh loads of asphalt was accepted from Hammel at an expense of $48, 570, the lowest of two bids.

The council agreed to sell four used motors from the old asphalt plant to Jared Lamma for $1,050. Lamma is purchasing the old plant for scrap.

The council accepted a giveaway offer from Tammy Posey for a vacant house at 111 West 11th which is across a parking lot from city hall. The house is to be demolished With other houses included, the city will spend $16, 243 of the $20,000 allocated for demolition, asbestos inspections, and abatements.

Charlie Zitnik of D.A. Davidson told the council that an independent analyst has reviewed Trenton’s’ Standard and Poors Global Rating, including debt obligations and financial management. He announced Trenton’s rating has been upgraded from an “A” six years ago, to “A-plus.” Zitnik called it a very strong credit rating.

Refurbishment work has been completed on the Princeton Road water tower and it’s back in use. A councilman questioned Water Department Supervisor Steve Reid about the current taste and odor of water. Reid replied he believes it’s due to the disinfection process that the city is now required to do. There’s an option he wants to explore but it will require Department of Natural Resources approval.

Three council members also asked Utility Director Ron Urton to have water lines re-flushed in specific areas of Trenton to see if that will help. Urton also responded to questions on last week’s diesel fuel spill and cleanup at the power facilities in north Trenton.

Fire Chief Gibler said Trenton’s old ladder truck is advertised on Purple Wave with a selling date of November 27th.

City Clerk Cindy Simpson reported the domestic violence board met Monday and authorized $2,430 dollars to the Green Hills Women’s Shelter. Money comes from a two dollar fee assessed in court costs.

Mayor Nick McHargue announced he’s looking for suggestions on someone to appoint to the Trenton Building and Nuisance Board to replace Larry Bailey.

The council Tuesday night met in executive session for a real estate matter.