Trenton City Council meets in executive session to discuss salaries of city employees

City of Trenton Website

The Trenton City Council met in closed executive session last night to discuss several salary/wage recommendations from City Administrator Ron Urton.

Affirmative actions were taken on four proposed increases while a fifth was defeated. Three of the proposals were decided on split votes involving the eight council members. The city council continues preparation of budgets for the city and Trenton Municipal Utilities for the next fiscal year which begins May 1st.

According to information provided by City Administrator Ron Urton, unanimous votes were cast to increase the wage of Melissa Spencer to $12.00 per hour and for Monica Burchett to $12.50 cents per hour. On the vote to increase Debbie Anderson’s wage to $15.00 per hour, five members of the council voted yes and three were opposed. All three ladies work in the City Hall office.

On a split vote of six in favor and two opposed, the Trenton council voted to increase the salary of TMU comptroller Rosetta Marsh to $49,488.

Another split vote occurred on a motion to increase Mark Newton’s salary to $60,000 a year. Three members voted in favor and five were opposed. Newton is electric distribution supervisor for Trenton Municipal Utilities.

Two other motions were made involving wages received by the eight members of the city council and the Mayor.

The first motion passed five to three to have Trenton city council members and the mayor forfeit their salaries with the money distributed equally to all city employees. While it passed by a majority vote, the action was vetoed by Mayor Nick McHargue.

A second motion was similar but the outcome was different. Again, the motion was made for the city council members and mayor to forfeit their salaries with the funds equally distributed to this time in the wording, to all non-salaried city employees.  That motion failed with two votes in favor and six opposed.

At stake was $12,600 dollars per year as the total amount of salaries for the city council members and mayor. Another $900 goes to benefits for matching social security and Medicare payments. The mayor of Trenton receives $3,000 per year. Each of the eight council members gets a salary of $1,200 dollars per year.