Trenton City Council meeting report

Trenton, Missouri

During reports being given at last night’s Trenton City Council meeting, Mayor Nick McHargue inquired whether a hard surface road was promised for the MC Power solar farm and Rapid Removal Disposal transfer station.

The facilities are located on the east side of a graveled, Pauper Grade Road, north of Trenton.

The Mayor raised his question during a routine report by Economic Development Director Ralph Boots. In response, Boots said he did not think a hard surface road was proposed. Mayor McHargue said road dust has been getting onto the solar farm panels. He would like to see the company expand in the number of solar generating panels at Trenton but questions whether it will want to do so.

Members of the city council noted Pauper Grade Road belongs to the Trenton Township.

Street Superintendent Martin Schieb proposed portions of three streets in Trenton to receive a hot mix overlay this year.

These are Main from 17th to Crowder Road; Oklahoma from 17th to the south end; and Lake Trenton Drive, from Fisherman Road to Hunter Road. Other lists presented by Schieb proposes the streets selected for spot milling to be done by a contractor as well as the proposed chip and seal work that city of Trenton street employees will do. He asked the council to review the lists.

The chip and seal work would cover more than 40,000 square yards.