Trenton City Council has full agenda; takes action on ordinances and bids

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The Trenton City Council took action last night on several ordinances and bids.

Approval was given for Advanced Environment Testing and Abatement of Belton to remove asbestos at two locations: 111 West 11th Street and 1502 Day. Combined, the cost of $3,100 comes from demolition money budgeted by the city.  The city will purchase properties on the east side of the 17th Street Bridge (at Lulu) to make way for the new bridge. One transaction costs $75,000 to purchase buildings from Rick Hull as successor trustee of the James McCarty trust agreement in 1999.

The council voted seven to one in approving this purchase. Brad Chumbley was opposed. The other is a $38,000 purchase for the property owned by Gloria Coffman. The properties are to be torn down as part of the right of way acquisition for a new bridge.

Two companion ordinances were accepted by the city council. One covers an agreement with Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission. And the other is a supplemental agreement with Olsson Associates for consulting services. Both pertain to proposed construction and other improvements at the Trenton airport.

The city was issued a federal grant of $1,255,937 to cover eligible preliminary design and construction costs. Olsson Associates, for their part in the project, is to receive a fixed fee of $16,647 up to a maximum of $161,307. The financial obligation match by the city of Trenton is $4,993.

The council accepted a MoDOT agreement to have a street light at Highway 6 and Iowa Boulevard. The city cost is $550 dollars for the pole, light, and wiring.

Trenton City Council last night accepted several bids. Among them, Independent Electric Supply was chosen to provide breaker and relay testing for TMU. The cost is $10,375.

On a scrap metal bid, Mark Pettit of Jamesport will pay $74.00 a ton for street department scrap and 16 cents per pound for electric department scrap metal. Regarding scrap from the old asphalt plant: the council accepted the only bid received. Lamma Excavating of Trenton offered to buy it for scrap at $32.50 cents per ton.

No bids were received on a 12 window replacement project for the fire department. The Council accepted a proposal from Fire Chief Brandon Gibler for the city to buy the windows and he’ll get a local contractor to put them in – all within money budgeted for the project.

A fire training tower will be purchased for $722,860. There were three bidders. American Fire Training has the lowest bid. While funds come out of the fire department sales tax, financing the cost is yet to be determined. The sales tax is projected to generate $175,000 annually. Part of that also is needed to cover payments on the new ladder, fire truck.

Five bids were submitted for lime sludge removal. The council accepted the low bid from the Telum Company of West Des Moines, Iowa which will pay Trenton $43.28 per ton for up to 1,500 tons. The company representative told the council Telum will spread the lime sludge on farmland.

The city council approved the use of an economic development incentive policy that offers a discounted electric rate to a major user of power, Chelsie’s Food Market. It’s a 25% reduction through next February, then a 15% discount and 5% percent discount over the next two years. The incentive is restricted to business users of more than 50,000 kilowatts monthly.

The city council accepted a committee recommendation to establish cash reserve policies for the three departments of Trenton Municipal: electric, water, and sewer. The amounts to be held in reserve as well as the electric rate discount were discussed in detail at last Tuesday nights’ meeting of the utility committee.

Among other announcements, Police Chief Rex Ross reported the Police Personnel Board promoted Officer Matt Preston to the rank of sergeant. Councilman Brad Chumbley requested the chief to develop figures on the cost of a having a specially trained canine for investigations.

Chumbley also recognized the success of the Trenton High School girls softball team.

City Administrator Ron Urton reported after meeting with Department of Conservation, an 800-foot long fence will be erected at the Trenton trap shooting range. TMU comptroller Rosetta Marsh and the Utility committee will meet to review engineering qualifications for an electric rate study.

Mayor Nick McHargue recognized a letter from Trenton Township Board pledging cooperation with the city in hauling sand and gravel as time and labor allows.

On a different topic, safety concerns were described as the focus of a meeting Monday with a MoDOT representative who issued the permit for Highway 6 access to the new Dollar General site at the west edge of Trenton. Micah Landes reported to the council the MoDOT rep requested a written list of concerns that he can take to others within MoDOT.

At this time, the only entrance and exit to the new store are on the curve of Highway 6 with approximately 700 feet visibility of vehicles slowing to make a turn. Mrs. Landes said the group of business and community leaders is hoping safety concerns can be addressed that possibly include a turning lane, a second access road, a lower speed limit and such.