Trenton City Council approves employment of police officer and purchase of dump truck

City of Trenton Website

Two ordinances were adopted and authorization was given to purchase a used truck when the Trenton City Council met Monday night.  The council also approved the employment of a new policeman subject to Police Officer Standards certification. A recommendation was advanced by the Police Personnel Board.

Per an agreement between the city of Trenton and the Missouri Department of Transportation in July of 2019, the city will assume street maintenance on Oklahoma Avenue from 9th Street to 28th Street as well as East 28th Street and Princeton Road, extending to just past 21st Street. The right of way is to be deeded to the city of Trenton now that the Highway 6 resurfacing project is complete.

An agreement was approved for BRS Construction LLC of Edina to install rock at two flood-damaged locations. Those are the raw water intake on the Thompson River and the other is at the 28th street bridge for Muddy Creek. The overall cost is $276,370. FEMA is to pay 75% of the cost since it stemmed from the 2019 flooding.

Of the total, the city pays all costs at the raw water intake which is $181,350. The $95,000 cost at the Muddy Creek Bridge is split between Grundy County and the city. (county share $49,510 / city share is $45,510) What’s described as a rock blanket will be used to protect roadway slopes and embankments at bridge ends and culverts as well as to protect stream banks.

After hearing from City Administrator Ron Urton and Street Supervisor Gary Dryer, the council authorized the purchase of a used single axle dump truck to replace one with mechanical issues as long as it’s within the $50,000 budgeted amount.  Urton also noted the council may wish to consider replacing one dump truck per year within the street department as other trucks age to go with miles driven.

Each of the city council votes on two ordinances and two motions were unanimous among the seven members attending last night. Kevin Klinginsmith was absent.

Two names were suggested for the Mayor’s consideration of being appointed to the Trenton Utility Board. Cathie Smith suggested Shana Norris. And Dave Mlika suggested Gene Wyant. If recommended by Mayor Crooks and approved by the council, this would give the utility committee five members, three of whom serve on the city council. (Smith, Mlika, and Dolan)

Councilman Glen Briggs said he’s received comments as to why the snow was not removed from newly-installed sidewalks. The snow removal topic has previously been discussed by the administrative committee and Briggs wondered if it should be brought up again. He noted a previous sidewalk snow removal ordinance was removed due to lack of enforcement.  Currently, the city strongly encourages property owners to remove snow from sidewalks for pedestrian safety. Councilman Mlika said a request for bids regarding snow removal at city-owned property failed to attract any bidders.