Trenton City Council addresses a myriad of topics at Monday night meeting

City of Trenton

The Trenton City Council meeting began with a closed session regarding personnel, however, no action was taken and the council held general discussion on various topics Monday night.

Bids are to be sought to replace a motor in a pickup truck used by the electric distribution department.

The council is to study options to dispose of sludge from the wastewater plant. A hand-out report was given to members of the council to study. The wastewater department has a sludge truck with a motor that needs to be replaced or rebuilt if the truck is to continue to be used by TMU for sludge disposal.

The council agenda for last night listed discussion of a federal overtime rule however, no discussion was held since a federal district judge in Texas this month issued an injunction preventing the federal overtime rule from taking effect as scheduled on December 1. The rule involves eligible workers with salaries less than $47, 476 dollars.

The council’s finance committee, earlier this month, recommended the council increase the salaries of five city employees and compensation to another city employee be changed from salary to hourly in response to the overtime law was to have been effective December 1st. However, since the finance committee recommendation, the federal district judge issued the injunction to prevent the overtime law from going into effect. Judge Amos Mazzant agreed with 21 states and a coalition of business groups, that the rule is unlawful and granted their injunction for a nationwide injunction.

The finance committee is to be asked to consider whether the city should purchase two mowers the Trenton Park Department has for sale. Park superintendent Jason Shuler explained the park department wants to rotate out mowers after three to five years to prevent problems with the mowers when the department mows over 100 acres a week.

On other topics, Shuler estimated around 20 trees are to be removed and approximately 50 new trees are to be planted in the parks. Persons wishing to cut down trees for the wood should contact Shuler and will be required to sign a waiver. The tree removal and plantings are part of tree plan being developed for Moberly and Eastside parks which include the removal of trees nearing the end of their lifespan, and planting new trees.

It was noted during the Trenton Park Board meeting on November 2 that some of the trees to be removed will require bids from professionals.

On another topic, Shuler said it’s hoped the Assistant Park Superintendent position can be filled next week.

Among his report, Police Chief Tommy Wright indicated planning was being done for a “Shop With a Cop” event. He also said a women’s self-defense program is to be held in late February or early March.

Fire Chief Brandon Gibler, among his remarks, talked about firefighter training.

Bids are to be sought for asbestos removal in connection with the city’s demolition program for this fiscal year.

A representative of the engineering firm Burns and McDonnell is to provide an update next month on efforts to meet provisions of a settlement agreement with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The settlement includes provisions to eliminate sewage bypassing the waste water treatment plant during wet weather events and to implement disinfection at the wastewater treatment plant.

Councilman Brad Chumbley recognized and praised the Trenton High School Band and Colorguard for their trip to Houston, Texas for a Thanksgiving day parade.

Mayor Nick McHargue called for a minute of silence because of the death on Saturday of William Spence Elbert of Gallatin, the father of city councilman Travis Elbert.

The Building and Nuisance Board could not hold an official meeting last night because of a lack of a quorum.  Just three building and nuisance board members were in attendance last night, Tom Klinginsmith, Vickie Meservey, and Scott Blair.

A general discussion was held with Diane Shuler regarding what was listed on the agenda as a nuisance affecting health at 1310 East 8th Street. Ms. Shuler talked about cleaning she’s been doing at that location, which has eight cats. She expressed a willingness to give away some of the cats but said she did not want to take them to the animal shelter. Ms. Shuler was asked to return to the next meeting January 23rd.

New Trenton City Administrator and Utilities Director Ron Urton Junior does not begin his official duties until December 5, he did, however, attend both the council and building and nuisance board meetings Last night.

Six of the eight council members attended last night’s meeting with Travis Elbert and Jennifer Hottes absent.