Trenton City Administrator/Utility Director Ron Urton discusses sewer rates

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The food plant on Harris Avenue is a major customer of Trenton Municipal Utilities, particularly for water and waste-water purposes.

With the anticipated transition from ConAgra to Nestle, water and sewer rate increases are to be reviewed by city officials and Trenton City Council. But such a review is being delayed for at least two months to allow time to learn how the changes affect usage and costs.

Following decisions by the Trenton City Council last year, water rates for TMU customers are projected to increase by eight and a half percent this year; and for the next two years. Sewer rates were increased by the council twice last year and were projected to go up again this year.

Prior to this weeks’ meeting of the Utility Committee, Ron Urton spoke on Monday with KTTN about the sewer rates.



Urton noted TMU still has long-term debt obligations that have to be paid.



With Nestle planning to employ 135 to 150 workers at the plant in Trenton, Urton commented on the possibility that sewer rates could be at a lower increase.



City Administrator/Utility Director Ron Urton in comments made on KTTN Radio’s Open Line program earlier this week.