Trenton City Administrator details storm damage and street work updates

City of Trenton website updated June 2023
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In a written report submitted to the Trenton City Council, City Administrator Ron Urton detailed storm damage and street milling work.

Urton reported that storms during the first weekend of May damaged four hangar doors at the airport’s north hangar building. He noted that repairs cost about $2,500 and the city plans to file a claim with its insurance company.

The milling contractor was in Trenton last week and milled various streets for this year’s overlay program. He noted that street overlay work will start once weather conditions permit. Urton said the distribution and collection crew is installing a manhole at 12th and Lulu Streets to correct alignment and provide access before the street overlay work begins.

Among other topics, Urton noted that Trenton Municipal Utilities electric crew, as time and schedules allow, is constructing the 13.2-kilovolt line to the NCMC student center along Main Street. Urton said Irvinbilt has materials stored at the water plant to begin modification work on the clarifier basins by the end of the month.

The Missouri Municipal League will hold a training session for new officials on June 6 and 7 in Columbia.

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