Trenton citizen presents revised plan to city council for outdoor theater; council approves six ordinances

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At Trenton, Gabe Chrisman, a property owner presented what she called a revised plan last night to the city council involving a proposed outdoor theater on land she owns at 22nd and Stature.

After questions and discussions, the council voted to return the request for a conditional use permit back to the Planning and Zoning Commission for another public hearing with updated information. That date had not been determined as of Monday night. Earlier this month, the planning and zoning commission voted to deny Mrs. Chrisman’s request for the conditional use permit.

Mrs. Chrisman told the city council Monday night she has received guidance from an attorney as she wants to abide by the zoning laws and address other concerns. A plan presented to the council, in part, indicates there would only be a few vehicles, six to eight picnic tables, a chuck wagon to sell food that she plans to prepare and to conclude each outdoor presentation by 10 o’clock at night.

Code enforcement officer Wes Barone said the property is zoned B-2 for business.

Members of the planning and zoning board had expressed concerns at the earlier meeting with business activity, and perceived noise, in what amounts to a residential neighborhood. Mrs. Chrisman told the council that she apparently gave the wrong impressions on her proposal when she addressed planning and zoning members. She stressed last night it’s quote “not going to be a big movie screen.” Now with a written plan, and suggestions from the council on fine-tuning the plan to address neighborhood concerns, she is wanting to try again.

The council approved written policies on water and sanitary sewer service connections that Utility Director Ron Urton said are designed to help property owners when replacing service lines between the city main and the house.

The property owner would hire a contractor but materials would be purchased through the city. The policy also states permits are required for excavation in the public right of way. To help reduce costs for street cuts, the policy states that TMU may use its boring device to go under a street and pull in new copper service lines from pits on each side of the street and dug by a contractor.

Approval was given to amend the current budget and use money allocated for the replacement of overhead bay doors to help pay for north apron concrete repairs at the fire station. Ten city-owned items were declared as surplus property and will be advertised for sale on the Purple Wave website. The council briefly reviewed a committee recommendation to continue a two-hour parking limit along Main Street.

Six ordinances were approved, including contracts with Norris Quarries as preparations are made for next years’ asphalt construction season. One allows the city to purchase 26,000 tons of half-inch rock aggregate at a cost of $17.10 per ton. The other has the city buying 9,000 tons of asphalt sand at $8.60 per ton. Administrator Ron Urton said an ad will be published looking for truck haulers for the rock and sand.

A contract was approved with Asplundh Tree Expert for trimming of trees around TMU electric lines at a cost not to exceed the city-budgeted figure of $25,000.

The Howe Company was hired by ordinance for a project that initially includes the lining of sewer mains for the new Orscheln Farm and Home store in Trenton. Howe, at a contracted cost of $20,000 will provide design and bidding services as well as administration and project observation. A contractor will be selected to do the project.

Approval was given to update a zoning change for the Hope Haven property at 3300 Pleasant Plain. As recommended by planning and zoning, the change will convert what had been designated for open space zoning to heavy industry to better fit possible anticipated usage in the future.

An ordinance was updated to revise the tables of permissible uses within the Trenton city code.

City Attorney Tara Walker reminded the council with more public members participating on the Zoom web application, that comments made during open meetings need to be restricted to the topics listed for discussions and/or actions.

Attending the meeting in person at city hall were Council members Duane Urich, Dave Mlika, Cathie Smith, Glen Briggs, and Danny Brewer plus city clerk Cindy Simpson. Participating via zoom were John Dolan, Kevin Klinginsmith, Marvin Humphreys, Mayor Linda Crooks, City Administrator Ron Urton, and attorney Tara Walker.

The council also met afterward in a closed executive session for legal and real estate.