Trenton Building and Nuisance Board takes action on several properties at March meeting

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board
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Trenton’s Building and Nuisance Board on Monday evening took action on several properties of concern while deciding to table others.

Because progress was made by Jon Phillips on requested repairs and cleanup, the board voted to remove 1514 Mable Street from the nuisance list.

1429 Chestnut and 1013 Tindall Avenue were advanced to public hearings next month. 30-day extensions to allow time for work to be done were granted to the storage units facing 1861 East 16th Street, 513 East 9th Street, and 601 East 19th Street. With a new owner for Walden Apartments, a 60-day extension was granted regarding cleanup work. Building Inspector Wes Barone quoted the owner as wanting to re-build the fire-damaged fourplex in the housing project.

With no noticeable progress, 1614 Mable Street was moved to certificate of existence of a dangerous building.

The building board decided to table what it consider nuisances for properties at 1801 Chicago Street, 213 East Crowder Road, and 1806 Bolser Street. It was noted the owners of 213 East Crowder, Russell and Bea Shaw, have a letter of intent to tear down the fire-damaged house. Extensive damage due to fire and smoke also occurred at 1801 Chicago Street.

1806 Bolser has a new owner, Kenneth Ewing, who is described as making progress with repairs following smoke and fire damage to that house.

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