Trenton Building and Nuisance Board takes action on 12 properties

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board

Trenton’s Building and Nuisance Board Monday evening took action on 12 properties of concern, granting extensions of time to three of them.

A property at 809 Main Street advances to a public hearing next month, 309 East Crowder and 401 East 7th both move on to the findings of fact. The board voted to request a certificate of existence of a dangerous building for 1618 Mable Street and 3726 East 28th Street.

Extensions granted by the board include 90 days for 409 East 19th and 60 days each for 510 West Crowder Road and 812 Grant Street. Added to the process, starting with the declaration of a nuisance, were 21-13 Mable Street and due to a change in ownership, 1011 Custer Street.

It was announced all items have been abated at 112 Kavanaugh so it was removed from the building board list. To be on the agenda for next months’ meeting is a review of the progress being made at 923 Custer Street.

Building Inspector Donnie Vandevender presented a list of 15 addresses in Trenton that could make it to the next round of demolition work. Four owners have signed letters of intent and the others, according to Vandevender, have shown interest depending on the costs.

Bids are likely to be sought this fall to determine the costs which, in turn, will be presented to property owners to see if they are interested in sharing costs with the city. The board has $30,000 in the budget for demolition work during the 2019-20 fiscal year with a maximum payout by the city of $2,500 per location. It was noted last year’s demolition net cost to the city on 4 properties was $15,410.