Trenton Building and Nuisance Board take action on a number of properties

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board

Three properties of concern were added and one was deleted during Monday evening’s meeting of the Trenton Building and Nuisance Board.

Declared a nuisance were 506 Jackson Street, 1422 Tindall Avenue, and 1703 East 2nd Street. Each will be evaluated again at next month’s meeting.

Because the storage units facing 16th Street have had their openings sealed up, the board removed 1861 East 16th from consideration. The owner was described as waiting on doors to be delivered.

At public hearings, three other properties received extensions of time and another was tabled. The board granted 90-day extensions to Brad Chumbley who mentioned he was the new owner at 1416 Chestnut and 1423 Chestnut. Chumbley told the board he intends to knock down a garage at 1416 Chestnut and eventually create two split-level apartments subject to getting a permit from the city.

As for 1423 Chestnut, Chumbley said he obtained it at a recent tax sale. While he has done some cleaning and removed personal property that remained, Chumbley indicated because of a lien, it’ll be more than a year before he could pursue physical improvements.

A 60-day extension was granted to 704 East 17th Street, and action on 503 East 22nd Street was tabled when the board was told the owners, Morse, and Sons, privately contracted with Perkins Dozing to have the house torn down. 1701 Tindall Avenue was moved to a public hearing during next month’s meeting.