Trenton Building and Nuisance Board reviews properties for demolition

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board

Trenton’s Building and Nuisance Board last evening was told just three property owners have agreed to a cost-sharing arrangement with the city for demolition of houses.

Two have returned a signed agreement and non-refundable $200 payment for hazardous materials inspection. Once such inspections are complete and owners are notified of the testing, the owner has 60 calendar days to have the material like asbestos abated. Full payment is due to the city of Trenton by October 1st.

Building Inspector Donnie Vandevender said the signed agreements are for 1402 East 9th Street and 1502 Day Street.  A representative for the property at 2303 Chicago committed to providing their share of project costs. For each of the three locations, the city of Trenton pledges $1,750 toward demolition.

There were 13 property owners who initially signed a letter of intent to take part in the demolition program which allowed the city to obtain bids from the contractor Red Rock of Kidder. Ten of them apparently decided their demolition quote was more than they were willing to spend – even with the city of Trenton financially assisting.

The city council has budgeted $20,000 for building demolition in the 2018-19 fiscal year. Five thousand two hundred fifty dollars has been committed by the city so far. Three optional structures can be torn down; all at city expense, but the demo bid on each does not include hazardous materials abatement. Vandevender noted each has slate siding.  The locations being considered are 111 West 11th with a demolition quote of $6,750, 402 West 12th with a demolition quote of $7,375 and 119 Kavanaugh Street with a demolition quote of $5,000.

The building and nuisance board last evening took action on 12 properties of concern. Declared as a nuisance was 437 West Crowder Road. Advancing from the nuisance status to public hearings next month are 813 Olive, 912 Grant, and 1609 Bolser.  Advancing from public hearing to findings of fact are 412 East 10th Street 1415 Lulu and 2303 Chicago.

Extensions were approved at four locations as the board took note of progress being made. They are 802 Grant and 1312 Gilmore Both got 660-day extensions. Receiving 90 day extensions were 2002 Chicago and 302 East 7th Street. The board vote to abate property at 1103 East 17th Street, owned by John Woodland.

Last evening was the first involving four of the Trenton Building and Nuisance Board members: Larry Bailey, Danny Matthews, Mary Axtell, and Harry Kately. Councilman Dave Mlika, also a committee member, was elected as chairman.

The nuisance summary was provided by Lieutenant Rex Ross.

The year to date totals show 126 incidents investigated with the majority involving trash and debris; 39 for grass and weeds; 13 with open storage of vehicles; and ten with unregistered vehicles. Lieutenant Ross said of the total, 32 are active, 68 have been cleared; and 26 have advanced for prosecution in municipal court.

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