Trenton Building and Nuisance Board reviews four properties at Monday meeting

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board

Trenton’s Building and Nuisance Board on Monday evening reviewed the status of four properties of concern.

During a public comment portion of the meeting, Ed Arnold provided pictures of a residential location on Jefferson Street that he described as in dire need of cleanup. He mentioned it was across the street from his mother’s home and is contributing to a downward value of real estate there.  Arnold was told the location is among cases in the municipal court in an effort to enforce a cleanup. Police Chief Rex Ross indicated this case was sent to the court on October 30th and is pending. Arnold asked why; and was told he should talk with the municipal court judge for Trenton, Steve Hudson.

The board advanced to a public hearing, 401 Monroe Street, which was the scene of a house fire. Building Inspector Wes Barone said a letter was sent to the owners.

A 30-day extension was granted to 1000 Rural Street, where repair work is progressing. No action was taken by the board after it learned repairs were underway at 604 Linn Street and at the freight house next to the railroad tracks. These two locations will be reviewed again next month while remaining in the category declaration of a nuisance. Board members provided locations on Tindall Avenue and Oak Street for Barone to check out regarding potential nuisance violations there.