Trenton Building and Nuisance Board eyes locations for demolition

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board

Members of the Trenton Building and Nuisance Board got their first look Monday evening at a potential list of houses for the 2018-19 demolition list. As it has been in the past, there’s not enough city money budgeted to do all of them this year. The city council has again allocated $20,000 for demolition work.

Building Inspector Donnie Vandevender presented a list of nine locations that are being sent letters of intent to participate in a cost-sharing basis with the city. Representatives of two other properties were handed letters of intent last evening when they attended the building board meeting.

The city of Trenton will pay 50% of the demolition costs and a hazardous material inspection fee. But there is a maximum commitment by the city of $1,750 per location. The property owner is responsible for their share of 50 percent and all costs exceeding $3,500. Funds are due to the city within 30 days of signing the agreement on demolition. The abatement of hazardous materials such as asbestos is the total responsibility of the property owner.

Signed letters of participation are due back to the city by May 10th.  Bids will then be sought at eligible locations. Bids are to be reviewed by the building board as its June 25th meeting which will begin a little earlier than usual, at 5:30 that day.

Vandevender reported three locations targeted for demolition will likely require the city bearing the total cost. Those are 111 West 11th Street, 402 West 12th Street, and 119 Kavanaugh. Each is described as having slate siding.

Vandevender said letters of demolition intent are being sent to the owners of nine locations: 401 Ridgeway; 416 West 13th Court; 13-14 Merrill; 1402 East 9th Street; 1503 Day Street; 2408 Chicago; 1615 Lulu; 403 Jefferson; and 515 East 9th Court.

Obtaining letters of intent last evening were those representing 2303 Chicago and 1721 Lulu Street. Vandevender admitted it’s unlikely all will return signed letters of intent. But for those who do, the building board members will have to determine which ones get demolished while keeping within the city funds available by budget.

During the meeting last evening, five locations were added to declaration ration of a nuisance. They are 1409 Lulu; 412 East 10th Street; 1103 East 13th Court; 1312 Gilmore; and 1415 Lulu. Advancing to a public hearing in June were these: 305 East 10th Street; 503 West 12th Street; 510 West Crowder Road; and 3726 East 28th. Withdrawn from declaration ration of a nuisance was 2104 Chestnut Street.

Vandevender reported the property at 2002 Chicago Street has changed from Dwayne Couch to Samuel Southers. The building boards’ process involving repairs needed to a garage will start over due to the change in ownership. The building will be added to the declaration of a nuisance. This also is the location where a fire burned down the house.

Lee Simmons was present for a public hearing on 2303 Chicago. He was given a 90-day extension to make repairs to a garage. Vern and Kathryn Jenkins were present for a hearing on 1721 Lulu which was moved to “findings of fact” before they indicated interest in having the house put on the preliminary demolition list.