Trenton Building and Nuisance Board declares two properties nuisances

Demolition Ball

Trenton’s Building and Nuisance board is asking Building Inspector Donnie Vandevender to check with the asbestos abatement company and with the demolition contractor to see if they will hold their previous price quotes regarding our locations in Trenton.

These were next in line for demolition after four priority locations were included in the current fiscal year in which the city council allocated $20,500. The Red Rock company, according to Vandevender, is expected to be in Trenton next month to tear down the four previously selected houses.

Those for the 2017-18 proposed demolition list – which quotes were obtained last year – are at 507 Main, 702 East 5th, 915 Kumler, and 427 West 13 Street.

Vandevender told the board he’d like to get a price on demolishing 402 West 12th Street. It along with 11 other addresses have dangerous building certificates on them. Interest also has been shown in having four other residential structures torn down.

Advancing from a nuisance to public hearings are 607 West Crowder owned by John Danks and 2408 Chicago owned by Lester and Laura Browning. Danks attended the meeting and requested more time to make improvements at his property. With work done to the house at 2510 Main Street, Vandevender said the nuisance has been abated. A house at 1913 Lulu, owned by John Hansen, advances to findings of fact.

The board voted to determine 403 Jefferson, owned by Christina Airey, as an unsafe structure and recommends demolition. Two other locations were declared a nuisance: 1213 Normal (Brent Kline & Stan Saunders) and 513 West 15 (Joyce Overton)