Trenton Building and Nuisance Board adds two locations to list of nuisances

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board

Trenton’s Building and Nuisance Board on Monday evening added two locations to the list of nuisances.

One location is the fire-damaged house at 208 East 10th Street belonging to Michael Airey. Building Inspector Wes Barone described damages to a wall and roof as extensive enough that the structure needs to be torn down.

The other location declared a nuisance is at 511 East 9th Court, with the owner listed as Bobby Burkeybile. Barone said a pile of building materials and other items needs to be cleaned up and weeds cut.

Noting that the requested work has been completed, the building board voted to remove 1000 Rural Street from the list of structures. In effect, the nuisance has been abated.

Updates were presented on other residential locations in Trenton. Barone said a demo permit has been obtained for 2112 Oak Street, with the cost to be privately covered by the owner, Carla Cooksey. Barone reported work to fix a basement wall is scheduled to begin August 16 at 604 Linn Street. Barone reported another crew is expected to begin work next month regarding windows and siding at 1913 Lulu Street.

Six members of the building and nuisance board attended the meeting. They were Dave Mlika, Karen Glenn, Gaylon McCorkle, Vicki Meservey, Mary Axtell, and Lindsay Stevens.

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