Trenton Board of Education approves budget amendments

Trenton R-9 School District

The Trenton R-9 Board of Education approved budget amendments, membership in the Missouri School Boards Association, and grants at its meeting Tuesday evening.

The 2017-2018 budget amendments included changes to summer school salary, contracted services, supplies, and food service; high school technology, software, and communication, and professional development salary, retirement, and Medicare.

The board approved the full maintenance service agreement with the Missouri School Boards Association. The membership costs $3,479 and grants the district MSBA services from September 1st, 2017 to August 31st, 2018.

Lysander Overstreet requested a grant for $281 to enhance his students study of the United States Constitution by using a project called “The Escape Classroom”. Jessica Golden requested a grant for $206 to purchase materials to assist her in creating a strong foundation in beginning phonics. Darcie Taylor requested a grant for $350 to purchase brain dissection kits. All of the grants were GEC Community Foundation Grants.

The board approved of the district’s bus routes as presented by Supportive Services Director Kris Ockenfels. They include six rural, four town, and three special education and preschool routes. Ockenfels said Applebus needs more bus drivers, especially for substitutes and trips.

The also board approved of the Trenton R-9 Board of Education goals, superintendent evaluation criteria, and the professional development program evaluation.

Superintendent Dan Wiebers shared that the schools have or will all complete fire, tornado, and intruder drills. He said the “Great American Shake Out” earthquake drill will be held October 19th at all of the schools.

Wiebers also gave an End of Course Exams update. He reported the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education determined the results of the 2017 English 2 and Algebra 1 exams are not comparable to the results of the exams in the past years, so they will not count in assessments. He added the results of the exams will still count for students, and students will not have to retake the tests.

The Trenton High School Foundation Trust donated $5,000 to the district. Four thousand dollars will be used to install a new video projection system in the Trenton High School Commons.

The other $1,000 will be used toward the Rissler Elementary School’s concrete pad project, which will be completed next summer.

Citizens Bank and Trust donated $5,166 to the district. The money was raised through its Trenton Bulldog Debit Card program. Every swipe earns the district five cents.

Trenton Middle School Principal Daniel Gott recognized the September Students of the Month for the character trait responsibility.