Trenton Board of Adjustments and Trenton Planning and Zoning Commission to meet tonight

Planning and zoning

The Trenton Planning and Zoning Commission and the Trenton Board of Adjustments hold public hearings Monday evening, October 4, 2021, at Trenton City Hall regarding requests from Terry Hearn and Charles Walmsley. The meetings begin at 7 pm this evening.

Hearn is seeking a conditional use permit to operate a used car lot at 907 East 9th Street. Hearn is also seeking a variance to allow him to build a storage unit at that location. The requested variance is five feet on the side-yard setback requirement of seven and one-half feet.

The conditional use permit for the used car lot is requested through the Planning and Zoning Commission and the variance for the storage unit is to be considered by the Board of Adjustments.

The board of adjustments will also hear a request from Charles Walmsley for a variance to allow a ten-by-12 foot addition to a house at 512 Linn Street. A ten-foot variance is sought on the side-yard-next-to-street requirement of 15 feet.

The Board of Adjustments also is to hear a request from Walmsley for a variance allowing him to construct a 30-by-40 foot building on the property at 606 East 6th Street. The variance Walmsley is seeking is 480 square feet on the required 720 square feet (on the) maximum area for an accessory structure.