Trenton Administrative Committee to recommend changes to ordinance regarding exotic animals

Trenton, Missouri

The administrative committee will recommend changes in the city ordinance regarding exotic animals including reptiles. The revisions are designed to have the Trenton ordinance be more similar to state law. Adam Clear had requested a review of the city code in his hope of having a reptile type of zoo in Trenton. Clear has stated he breeds and sells reptiles.

One change is to allow possession of non-venomous snakes eight feet in length. The current city code says six feet in length. The city would issue an annual permit of $190 per snake – a figure Clear said he’s fine with. The city also would require photos of the snakes and proof of liability insurance.

The committee decided it would ask for council approval on repairs to the floor of the north hangar at the airport. It was noted ground has settled in some of the bays with as much as a six-inch drop making it difficult to roll planes in and out of the hangar.  Administrator Ron Urton said he’ll look for up to $3,000 in available airport funds to cover repair costs which ultimately depends on how many tons of asphalt are needed.

The committee authorized city officials to send a letter reminding landlords that a rental inspection is required every time there’s a change in occupancy. When utilities are changed into the name of a tenant, the city knows. But when a landlord keeps utilities in his or her name, the city doesn’t know about any change in tenants.

Police Chief Rex Ross said 11 bicycles have been impounded at the department for over a year. The committee accepted the city attorney’s recommendation to advertise them for three weeks; then after 6 months, if still unclaimed, the city owns ownership of them as surplus property and can dispose of them.