Trenton Administrative Committee fails to meet with a quorum

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Trenton’s Administrative Committee did not have a quorum for a meeting Tuesday evening when just two of the four members were present. However, a discussion was held with information to be forwarded to the city council without a recommendation. Council members present were Dave Mlika and Jenn Hottes.

Advancing to the city council is the offer from Danny Stevens to rent the south hangar at the airport for $300 a month. Revisions to the ordinance on private swimming pools will go before the council with a change that stipulates water in the pool that has a depth of at least 24 inches will need to be surrounded by a four-foot fence or barrier. The current language is a depth of 18 inches needs six-foot fence or barrier.

Urton said a request for proposals will be advertised this fall for residential trash pickup service in Trenton. A five-year contract with Rapid Removal Disposal expires at the end of December. Per the contract, the rate is $10.76 per month for once a week pickup of household trash. Also included is curbside recycling which Hope Haven is doing with a monthly cost per home of $3.50.

Urton also reported he’s been contacted by two persons willing to be part-time nuisance officers who deal with complaints of tall grass, debris, junk vehicles and the like. A part-time employee would be limited to no more than 28 hours a week. It was suggested the councils’ finance committee meet to see if it can locate budget money to pay for the hourly position.

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