Trash bids and recycling top tonight’s meeting of Trenton City Council

City of Trenton Website

The city of Trenton received three bids for residential trash pickup and curbside recycling for the next five year period, beginning in January. Tabulations of the bids were included in the packet provided last week for city councilmen to study with a copy also made available for the news media.

The council agenda for a meeting tonight at 7 includes the possible selection of a company to provide residential sanitation and recycling services at Trenton. Contracts ending on December 31st are currently with Rapid Removal Disposal for residential trash service for $10.76 per month and with Hope Haven of Chillicothe for recycling at $2.99 a month. Customer billing for trash and recycling currently is included with the monthly TMU bills.

Submitting new bids on monthly rates for trash pickup were WCA, Advanced Disposal, and Rapid Removal Disposal. The lowest bid for next year comes from WCA with a quote of $9.54. Advanced is next at $11.15. Rapid Removal has the highest bid of $11.25. But it’s noted the Rapid Removal quote is the same for all months of the five year period requested. WCA and Advanced would keep the same monthly rate for the first two years before taking increases in the next three years. It’s also noted WCA’s trash pickup bids are the lowest in each of the five years quoted.

On recycling, Rapid Removal submitted the low bid of $3.00 a month and pledged to keep it the same for each month of the five year period. Advanced made a quote of $3.50, Hope Haven begins at $3.64, with each taking small increases in each of the following four years.

The tabulations also list a five-year cost for 2,200 households in Trenton. The lowest amount for five years of service belongs to WCA for trash pickup when combined with Hope Haven for recycling. It’s $1,805,232 dollars.  The five-year quote combined for both services from Rapid Removal totals $1,881,000. And the five-year quote for both services by Advanced was $2,061.312.

The difference in quotes between WCA and Rapid Removal, over a five-year cumulative period (years 2019 through 2023) is approximately $75,000. Rapid Removal bids for the five years is about four percent more than the quotes from WCA/ Hope Haven. The city of Trenton does have a purchasing policy that allows the city council to consider local offers if a bid comes within five percent of the lowest bid.

Rapid Removal Disposal and their transfer station is located on Northwest 10th Avenue in the north part of Trenton. The company also pays a tipping fee to Trenton. WCA, which is Waste Corporation of America, has a location on South Mitchell Road in Chillicothe. Advanced Disposal has offices in Bethany and Macon.