“Traditional Art of the Philippines” on display at Dorris Rider Art Gallery

Gossip Painting

A collection of works by artists from the Philippines will continue the 2018-2019 exhibition schedule in the Dorris Rider Art Gallery at North Central Missouri College in Trenton.  “Traditional Art of the Philippines” is now open and will run through Friday, May 3.

The collection includes oil paintings from the collection of the late Alberto Simpao and Cora and Gary Gripp of Princeton.  The exhibit features paintings from various Filipino artists including Namesio Miranda, Jovito  Andres, Salvador Juban, Eugene Balagtas and Willy Ner.  The paintings come from Angono, Rizal, which is known as the Art Capital of the Philippines.

The paintings depict scenes from traditional rural life in the Philippines, which is composed of more than 7,000 islands.  Located in Southeast Asia, the country has a population of just over 100 million people.  The Philippines boasts one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has been dubbed the “Rising Tiger” of Asia. 

This collection looks back at simple life before the massive growth the country is currently experiencing.  The paintings depict universal human themes of family, daily life, love, and celebration.

“The first painting we acquired was in 1979, and it depicts a group of friends fishing in the middle of the ocean, cooking what they caught, and just having a good time,” said Ms. Gripp. “As Bert, I traveled back to the Philippines, we brought back more paintings to the United States as part of our collection.”

“I think the public will enjoy seeing this is a wonderful group of paintings,” said Gallery Director Jim Norris.  “On behalf of the NCMC community, I would like to thank Cora for sharing her fantastic art collection with us.”

There will be a reception on Saturday, April 27 from 3:00-5: 00 pm in the gallery.  The public is invited to attend.  For more information, contact Jim Norris at 357-6345  Cora Gripp at 660-748-4691, or by email at jnorris@mail.ncmissouri.edu.

Regular hours at the Rider Art Gallery are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, as well as selected weekend and evening hours by appointment.