Thursday update on roads closed due to flooding in north Missouri

Road Closed Barricade

Several more roads have opened and several more have also closed due to high water across north Missouri. Please see the list below for all roads closed due to flooding.



Buchanan County

  • Route DD southwest of Gower between Route E and Horn Rd. (Malden Creek)
  • Route H in Agency at Route FF (Platte River)
  • Route MM Between Old Frame and Loutermilch Road (Platte River)
  • Route C from U.S. Route 36 to Saxton Easton Road (Platte River)

Carroll County

  • Route 10 from County Road 22 to County Road 231 (Moss Creek)

Chariton County

  • Route E from just east of Rothville to Route JJ (West Yellow Creek)
  • Route D from Mussel Fork Avenue to Route DD (Mussel Fork)

Daviess County

  • Route AA from Route Z to Forest Avenue (Grand River)

Linn County

  • Route C east of Shelby between Route CC and Jaguar Dr. (West Yellow Creek)
  • Route B east of Route Y to Route 5 (Locust Creek)
  • Route WW between Route NN and NE 20th Street (Mussel Fork)

Livingston County

  • Route C west of Dawn between County Road 420 and Route DD (Shoal Creek)
  • Route D south of Ludlow from County Road 430 and one-half mile south of Ludlow (Shoal Creek)
  • Route DD east of Ludlow between one-half mile east of Route D and one-half mile east of Route C (Shoal Creek)
  • Route CC between U.S. Route 36 to County Road 244 (Grand River)

Putnam County

  • Route 129 at Mendota from 352nd Road to 353rd Road (Shoal Creek)