Thursday session of circuit court has busy docket

Court News

Some defendants were sentenced and others had probation violating hearings Thursday in division one of the Grundy County Circuit Court. Among the cases:

22-year-old Justin Tyler Sharp of Trenton was sentenced to six years with the department of corrections, concurrent with a prison sentence imposed in Benton County. He was accused of domestic assault in a Grundy County case.

22-year-old Justin Jay Rainey of Gallatin was sentenced to four years in the department of corrections on two counts: resisting arrest and possession of a controlled substance. Rainey pleaded guilty yesterday in the Grundy County cases. His sentences are to be concurrent with revoked probation yesterday in Daviess county on an original charge there involving possession of a controlled substance.

The court revoked probation for 42-year-old Miriah Mae Butler of Trenton and a previously-imposed sentence was executed. She was ordered to serve 120 days in prison of a four-year sentence with the department of corrections.

Ms. Butler had been on probation on an original charge of domestic assault third offense and a felony drug charge.

Kearney resident, 38-year-old Carrie McClain, saw her probation revoked and a previous sentence executed. In 2014, Ms. McClain received a seven-year sentence on charges of tampering with physical evidence in a felony investigation.

Probation also was revoked for 51-year-old Kevin Bivens of Brookfield on an original Grundy county charge of possession of a controlled substance. The court retains jurisdiction for 120 days of a four-year prison sentence.

On a change of venue from Mercer County, 35-year-old Amber Bottcher of Bethany pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child. Imposition of a sentence was suspended and Ms. Bottcher was placed on five years probation with a special condition of successfully completing the third circuit courts’ treatment program.

Imposition of sentence was suspended in favor of probation for others.

34-year-old Victor Lee Tunnell of Galt pleaded guilty in two cases. He was placed on five years probation on a charge of forgery. He’s to pay 300 dollars to the law enforcement fund and make restitution of 32-hundred 23 dollars.Tunnell, on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child, was fined 300 dollars plus ordered to contribute 100 dollars to the law enforcement fund. (A third charge was dismissed)

Trenton resident 21-year-old Jordan Lane Cabra was placed on five years probation after being charged with conspiring to distribute a controlled substance near school property. Cabra is to pay 200 dollars to the law enforcement fund and provide 20 hours of community service.

Also placed on five years probation was 36-year-old Peter Ulberg of Sweet Springs. Ulberg faced two counts of criminal non-support of a minor.

47-year-old Rodney Cranor of Trenton was placed on five years probation on two charges: forgery and felony bad checks. Among the conditions of probation is to make restitution of $3,858.

Following a hearing, additional conditions have been imposed for the probation of 26-year-old Sharmyn Ceradsky of Trenton. This includes 48 hours shock incarceration in jail as well as successful completion of a drug and alcohol treatment program. Her original charge is second-degree burglary.

After separate hearings were held, probations were continued for 49-year-old Shauna Neff and 21-year-old Jeremy Osburn – both of Trenton — provided they both successfully complete court-ordered detention sanctions in a 120-day program.

Both defendants have been on probation for Grundy County drug-related charges.

Among other cases: 23-year-old Brian Coombs of Jamesport pleaded guilty to a non-support of a minor charge. Sentencing is February 9th. 44-year-old Rhonda Howard of Trenton has a jury trial April 26th on three counts involving drug charges. 44 year old

James Houk of Princeton has a jury trial May 25th and 26th on second-degree burglary. The prosecution dismissed alleged drug charges on 20-year-old Raven Price of Trenton.