Three police officers presented “Back the Blue” award by Missouri Attorney General

Back the Blue

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt presented his Office’s “Back the Blue” award to three officers in the St. Charles County Police Department for their heroic acts in saving multiple people from two separate structure fires.

“Officers Wilson, O’Brien, and Ronald represent the best of our society – selfless individuals who risked their own lives, multiple times, to save others,” said Attorney General Schmitt. “Each day law enforcement put on their uniforms, not knowing whether they will make it back to the families or loved ones. The Back the Blue Award honors those Officers who go above and beyond the call of duty to serve their community, just as Officers Wilson, O’Brien, and Ronald did.”

“I am proud of the officer’s work and incredibly grateful to Attorney General Schmitt for recognizing their heroic deeds,” said St. Charles County Police Chief Kurt Frisz. “In each incident, the officers had only seconds to act. Their selfless actions saved lives.”

Officers Austin Wilson, Erin O’Brien, and Scott Ronald were presented with the Attorney General’s Back the Blue award for their bravery and courage in the line of duty. On March 15, 2021, Officers Wilson and Ronald responded to a structure fire at a local residence, which was fully engulfed. Officer Ronald entered the home with disregard for his own safety to help a disabled woman leave the home. Seeing that there was still a man stuck in the house, Officer Wilson entered the home, and through smoke, fire, and intense heat, Officer Wilson guided the man, who was confused and panicking, out of the home and to safety.

On March 21, 2021, Officer Erin O’Brien, while off duty was walking through his neighborhood where he noticed a structure fire. A home’s garage was on fire and was quickly spreading to the rest of the house. Officer O’Brien alerted the homeowner, who notified Officer O’Brien that her sons were still inside sleeping. Officer O’Brien entered the house, which was quickly burning, to evacuate the rest of the residents. Officer O’Brien re-entered the fire-filled home multiple times to save all the residents.

The Attorney General’s Back the Blue Award recognizes law enforcement across the state for incredible bravery and courage in the line of duty or extraordinary service to the community. St. Louis police officer Michael Langsdorf was posthumously awarded the inaugural award, and officers from St. Charles, Wentzville, St. Louis County, and more have received the award since.

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