Three health departments report on new COVID-19 cases; two COVID-19 related deaths reported by Caldwell County

Coronavirus or COVID-19 Death
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A report from the Grundy County Health Department released Tuesday night shows a dozen cases of COVID-19 in the past seven days.

The report indicated 11 cases were active. In the past two years, Grundy County has experienced 2718 COVID-19 cases. 68 deaths have been attributed to COVID for Grundy County.

Two COVID-19-related deaths have been added for Caldwell County since February 18th. The health department on March 15th reported 34 deaths total. Cases were up by 108 to 1,934. There were no active cases, which was down by 20.

The Sullivan County Health Department March 14th reported no active COVID-19 cases. It was the first time since April 30th, 2020 there were no active cases. There have been 1,701 cases total for Sullivan County.

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