Three face charges in Linn County for attempted counterfeiting and vehicle theft

Counterfeit Money News Graphic

Three individuals face felony charges in Linn County after allegedly attempting to print counterfeit money.

Twenty-year-old Gracyn June Hendricks of Kansas City and 36-year-old Macie Nycole Parrent of Saint Paul, Minnesota have each been charged with three counts of forgery and one count of possession of a forging instrument. Twenty-nine-year-old Tyler Lee McFarland has been charged with four counts of forgery, one count of possession of a forging instrument, and first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle. They are to appear in court on May 25th.

Probable cause statements accuse McFarland of trying to pass counterfeit U. S. currency at the Brookfield Dollar General on May 20th. McFarland reportedly got into a vehicle that went to the Martin House Motel, and law enforcement followed. A search warrant was executed on the motel room and the vehicle. Counterfeit bills were said to be found as well as items used to make counterfeit money. McFarland, Parrent, and Hendricks were reported as being in the room before the search warrant was executed.

The probable cause statement notes the vehicle was reported as stolen from Kansas City on May 15th, and McFarland was seen driving the vehicle.