Three corrections officers receive “Award of Valor” from Department of Corrections

Missouri Department of Corrections

Three corrections officers have received the Missouri Department of Corrections Award of Valor for their roles in ensuring the safety of staff and offenders at the Crossroads Correctional Center last year when 209 offenders staged a protest.

Corrections officers David Baker and Jason Huff with Crossroads and Corrections Supervisor Cade Thompson of the Western Reception, Diagnostic, and Correctional Center of Saint Joseph evacuated staff and offenders from Crossroads and contained the protesters inside.

Department of Corrections Communications Director Karen Pojmann says “their foresight prevented serious injury,” and only a few offenders sustained scrapes and bruises while damaging the building.

The protest at Crossroads in May 2018 involved prisoners refusing to return to their housing units after the evening meal and evolved into a disturbance involving 78 offenders which lasted six hours and caused approximately $1,300,000 in structural and property damage to the facility’s central services building.

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