Three area health departments report on COVID-19 case updates

Coronavirus Update

The Sullivan County Health Department confirmed September 10th three additional COVID-19 cases, raising the total to 1,144. Eighteen cases were active.

Thirty-six percent of Sullivan County residents had completed a COVID-19 vaccine series.

Two more probable COVID-19 cases have been added in Mercer County. The health department September 10th reported 243 probable cases and 220 confirmed cases. Twenty-seven cases were active. There had been 10 COVID-19-related deaths reported for Mercer County.

One COVID-19 case has been added in Harrison County. The county’s COVID-19 dashboard shows that, as of the night of September 10th, there were 1,205 cases. Sixteen cases were active. There had been 977 confirmed cases and 228 probable cases. Twenty COVID-19-related deaths had been reported for Harrison County.