Three area counties continue to see increase in COVID cases, Chillicothe Correctional Center COVID cases rise as well

Coronavirus Update

The Caldwell County Health Department reports the county has a total of 34 COVID-19 cases, which is an increase of two. Twenty-eight cases are confirmed, and six are probable. Eight cases are active, and 25 have recovered. There has been one COVID-19-related death in Caldwell County.

The Linn County Health Department’s bi-weekly report shows one additional COVID-19 case since Monday. The county has a total of 42 cases. Five cases are under isolation precautions, and 34 have been removed from isolation. There have been two antibody positive cases and one COVID-19-related death in Linn County.

The report indicates the highest number of cases have involved individuals 60 to 69 years old. Fifty-two point four percent of the Linn County cases have involved females, and 47.8% have involved males.

The Livingston County Health Center reports it received notification of another positive case of COVID-19, which brings Livingston County’s total number to 53. Nine of the cases are active, and 44 have been removed from isolation.

The new positive individual is isolating at home. Close contacts have been notified of their need to self-quarantine for two weeks.

The Missouri Department of Corrections reports 207 cumulative COVID-19 cases among offenders at the Chillicothe Correctional Center, which is an increase of four. Two hundred five cases are active, and two have recovered.

There are also 19 cumulative staff cases at the correctional center. Thirteen of the staff cases are active, and six have recovered.