Third Judicial Circuit Court receives awards


The four counties of the Third Judicial Circuit Court received awards during a late morning ceremony at the Grundy County Courthouse in Trenton.

Presentations of plaques were handled by Missouri State Courts Administrator Kathy Lloyd on behalf of the Supreme Court of Missouri. Ms. Lloyd traveled to Trenton for the 11 am awards to the circuit courts of Grundy, Mercer, Harrison, and Putnam Counties.

One is the Daniel O’Toole award which is given to circuits that efficiently manage and process cases in a timely manner for the fiscal year 2016. The 3rd circuit met all ten standards. It is one of only 11 judicial circuits across Missouri to receive the Daniel O’Toole Award for the fiscal year 2016. It’s the 12th year the 3rd circuit has received this recognition from the state.

The third judicial circuit also was presented with the Permanency Award which recognizes excellence in service to children and families. Just 19 circuits across the state received this award for the fiscal year 2016.

Kathy Lloyd told those attending the ceremony today that the 3rd judicial circuit is one of only six to receive both awards for the same fiscal year. There are 46 circuits across Missouri.

Jack Peace is the presiding judge of the 3rd Circuit Court. Associate Judges present to receive county specific awards were Steve Hudson in Grundy, Matthew Krohn in Mercer, Thomas Alley in Harrison, and Samuel Frank from Putnam County.