Thief gallops away with horse statue, which later trots back home

Stolen Horse Statue Clinton Countty (Photo via Pinterest)
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The Clinton County Sheriff’s Department reports that a life-size statue of a horse, stolen a few days ago, has been found and returned to its owner’s farm in Trimble, north of Smithville.

Sheriff Larry Fish emphasized the seriousness of the theft, stating, “Anytime someone takes somebody’s property, even if it’s a prank, is not right.”

According to the sheriff’s office, the statue had been anchored with long rods in the ground. The owners noted that the statue weighed more than 150 pounds, suggesting that the thieves likely used a flatbed or horse trailer to transport it from its long-time location at the corner of Highway 169 and Route Z in western Clinton County. The statue had been there since the 1980s.

A Facebook update from the sheriff’s office on Tuesday confirmed that the statue had been found and safely returned. No other details were provided.

(Photo via Pinterest)

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